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EAS will exhibit at LogiMAT from March 14th to 16th, 2017 in Hall 8, Stand 8B81.

Stay up-to-date with EAS, a leading proponent in the lithium-ion cell industry. In their latest press release, EAS announces upcoming exhibitions and a new global partnership, along with projects in the aerospace and aviation industries.

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Products and Solutions

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EAS offers off the shelf heavy duty, high power and high energy cylindrical lithium ion cells from 7.5 Ah up to 485 Ah. EAS also offers a range of customer support activities in order to develop the most appropriate solution for its clients. These activities include cell consulting, battery consulting, materials development, custom cell design, custom cell manufacturing and custom battery design.

Product Portfolio

7.5 Ah NCA / 3.6V UHP
10 Ah NCA / 3.6V HE
20 Ah LFP / 3.2V HP
38 Ah LFP / 3.2V HP
55 Ah NCA / 3.6V HE

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EAS cells are currently deployed in space, submarine, marine and automotive applications in Europe, Asia and N. America. Our respective clients include, amongst others: PROTON launcher, EUROCKOT launcher, GAIA, OHB, U-Boat Worx, PlanetSolar and Metrocab. EAS cells are ideally suited for applications demanding a high degree of mechanical robustness, shock and corrosion resistance, high power, high reliability and safety and security for long term supply.

Technology and Quality

  • EAS battery cells
  • EAS battery cell
  • EAS battery cell
  • EAS battery cells
  • EAS battery cell

EAS’ current product portfolio is based on NCA and LFP chemistries. Electrodes are produced using a patented extrusion process with a number of quality advantages over conventional wet coating technologies. EAS’ jellyrolls are housed in stainless steel containers creating one of the most robust cell designs in the global market.

The large terminals are perfectly connected to the electrodes and play an important role in the cells’ ultra-low resistance and high power capabilities. Supplementary to an excellent cell design, EAS only utilises the finest materials and equipment throughout the production process, continually practising quality management – a fundamental part of our company philosophy.

Company and Careers

EAS is an established lithium ion cell manufacturer in Europe. We are continually looking to expand our team of highly qualified and motivated personnel to support our mission and our pursuit of energy-management perfection. If you would like to be considered for future vacancies and are interested in becoming part of our unique team of experts and specialists, please contact us on 03631 46703-213 or use the contact form below.

The EAS building

EAS Batteries GmbH originates from the GAIA Akkumulatorenwerke GmbH founded in 1996 – a pioneering German start-up in the development and production of large format cylindrical lithium ion cells using a unique, compact and novel electrode production technology to guarantee highest quality standards at lowest environmental impact. Since June 2017 EAS is fully owned by the MONBAT, a leading manufacturer and distributor of lead-acid batteries used in transportation, telecommunications and industrial applications. MONBAT is listed on the Bulgarian stock exchange. EAS is currently implementing an extensive business development programme to further increase production capacity and cell and battery performance.


Everything becomes electric. Efficient and reliable storage of energy is a key element for this transition. EAS will continue to shape the future with its innovative solutions and ultra-high quality products based on German manufacturing, expertise and quality ethos.


EAS aims to provide high quality cells, with high quality service at the best price in class.

Geschäftsführer: Michael Deutmeyer
Amtsgericht Jena, HRB 513686

Tel: +49 3631 46703-0
Fax: +49 3631 46703-228

Email: info@eas-batteries.com

EAS Batteries GmbH
Lokomotivenstraße 21
99734 Nordhausen, Germany

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EAS Germany GmbH
Montaniastr. 17
99734 Nordhausen
Montaniastraße 17, 99734 Nordhausen, Germany

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