5C/5C cycling: fast charging capability of the 22 Ah cell improved

fast charging capability of the 22 Ah cell improved

EAS Batteries has increased the charging speed of the EAS cell "HP 601300 LFP 22" from 3C to 5C. The latest cycling tests certify that the 22 Ah cell based on LFP has a continuous charge rate of 5C at complete discharge (100 % Depth of Discharge). The charging or discharging of the cell thus only takes twelve minutes instead of twenty. The 5C/5C cycling was carried out at room temperature and with more than 750 complete charge and discharge cycles until the cell has reached eighty per cent of its initial capacity (80 % SoH). "This lifts the performance of our 22 ampere-hour cell among the best in the world," says Dr Frank Diehl, sales and marketing manager of EAS Batteries. The maximum discharge rate of the 22 Ah cell is 25C, which means a discharge time of only 2.4 minutes. Further cell specifications can be found in the updated data sheet.