Test container for the evaluation of new cell chemistries

EAS Test container for the evaluation of new cell chemistries

EAS Batteries GmbH has taken an evaluation container into operation on its premises at the Nordhausen site. From now on, cells with newly developed cell chemistries, for example with manganese-rich cathodes or silicon-containing anodes, will be tested here in a separate room. From the formation, the first charge of the cells, they are cycled here. This is followed by storage, C-rate and, with an additional oven, temperature tests. "In the service of our Innovation Factory, we develop and produce large-format round cells with active materials for our customers, which are not yet certified," says Dr. Frank Diehl, EAS Sales and Marketing Manager. "With the Container, we have quickly created additional capacity to evaluate these modern cell chemistries." The new container will not only be used to test the new cell chemistries, but also to evaluate other specifications requested by the customer, such as higher cut-off voltages.

The cell development team built the air-conditioned twenty foot container fire-proof with regard to their needs. The container can be expanded or adapted to new test requirements at any time. "The air-conditioned room is a good prefabricated laboratory environment for us, which ensures stable test results at a constant room temperature," says Dr. Frank Diehl. "With this solution, we were able to react quickly and pragmatically to the increasing demand for our development service for robust cylindrical cells."